Love Is....

Love Is....

Saturday, October 6, 2012


Life has continued at the new 'normal' pace for the last 6 weeks.  I'm still alive and going!  Healthy and training.  I have my Monument Half Marathon this coming weekend in Nebraska with Katie and Corey!  So pumped about it!  We don't have any tests this upcoming week!  PRAISES!  Time to be used extremely wisely to catch up!


1.  One day a couple of weeks ago, the transformer caught fire and we studied in the dark upon returning  to the house from Walmart with our new marker board.

2.  It's FALL...the leaves are changing!  YAY!  I didn't have trees last fall in Nebraska!  So exciting!  :)

3.  Birds are starting to fly......

3.  A typical Thursday Night:  we drop our bookbags at the door, totally checked out for the week, but have umpteen hours of studying left....LOL!  :)

4.  Granny sent us favorite combination!  :)

5.  I get notes in the mail everyday!  :)

I hope everyone has a great weekend and week!

~Until then, I will be studying!~

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