Love Is....

Love Is....

Sunday, November 30, 2014


We got to go worship the Lord together today.  What a blessing that is so easy for me to take for granted.  Thank you for this time together in Your word!

After church, we got to start playing 'house' and decorating for Christmas!  Heath brought down all of the boxes and I started unpacking.  I found all kinds of awesome things I had forgotten about.  So fun to see what we each have and combining our stuff to make our 'First Christmas' together.  About halfway through the afternoon, Heath told me to get dressed (very cold outside) and we headed to town to get our first Christmas tree.

Beautiful Christmas Spode, just like
Debbie Huffman's

Table Setting

He is used to a fake tree and it is totally tradition for my family to get a real tree.  He didn't even give me a choice, we were getting a real tree.  YAY!  As the words 'Fraser Fir' danced around in my head, I quickly dismissed the idea of this type of tree knowing how expensive they are.  When we got to our destination, we were pleasantly surprised!  We got our tree for a third of the price of what we pay back home in Illinois.  Such a blessing!  I am so excited!  Right next to the Christmas trees, we found a HUGE 4' live wreath that we could put on our barn.  It was also afford-ably priced.  When Heath saw it, it was over, he had a plan for the wreath and he was not going to let anything or anyone stop him.

This is a Cowboy Wreath made by my Dad's friend, Pete.
It is made with old barbed wire and has a star in the middle.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Holiday Bazaar by the Lion's Club

God was totally a part of this day, making this our *best* sale yet!  PRaISes!

Thank you all who came out today to support us!

Dad brought us a new display rack to try.

What a good man!

Friday, November 28, 2014


We have been really enjoying fresh bird each night this week....pheasant, goose, and duck.  Thank goodness Heath is so good at it because if it were up to me, we might starve!  Funny story about that.  I took this photo on my way up to the top of the hill to join him.  As soon as I got there, he wanted to take a walk down the hill to see if he could scare up any pheasants.  I took a seat on a small bare patch of dirt (with my gun).  I really wanted to see if this photo turned out so I was looking at my phone.  (I usually don't have it with me while hunting, but I wanted to capture some of our hunting moments.)  Well, as I was checking out the picture, a work email caught my eye.  Right as I started reading it, two beautiful pheasants literally almost hit me they were so close.  My only thought was, "Wow!  Those are some beautiful birds!!!!"

Heath slowly came walking back over the hill and politely asked why he didn't hear any shooting.  I told him I just was so enthralled in their beauty, I forgot I was holding my gun!  LOL!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

We have alot to be thankful for as we continue to be blessed.  It has been a crazy year between everything that has happened, but God has gone before us and is with us each step of the way.

Timmy and his grandson came to bird hunt today!

His grandson loves playing with our dogs and they love playing!

I split a box of apples with Kristin and WOAH apples!

Apple Muffins....

Apple Chips....

Apple Sauce....

Apple Crisp....Apple Streusel.... 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Nightly Entertainment

Our nightly entertainment!  Who needs a T.V.?


Tuesday, November 25, 2014


The doggies, Heath, and I were super surprised with our early morning arrival.  Dad was planning on coming later today, but he decided to drive through the night.  5 am....he arrived early enough the dogs didn't have to be by themselves when we left for work.  The dogs were thrilled!!!!

I basically had the pool to myself this morning.  Yesterday, it was super packed with three to a lane, but it seems like it is all or nothing usually for some reason.  It was a great swim!  I worked arms today, legs will be tomorrow.

Grandpa wore them out.  After we got home from Sam and Louie's, we all sat around the fireplace and relaxed for a bit before bed.  The dog bed's have been relocated away from the fire because it gets pretty warm.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Mini Blizzard

Today, I had a great swim.  I worked on legs which was great since my goggles broke on Friday.  I had totally forgotten, but my nose piece split the goggles into two pieces, only attached by the head strap.  I told Stella, my swim coach, that I like to walk over lunch and asked her if she would be interested in joining me today.  She said yes.

Crazy Nebraska Sky

We hoped for good weather because she was bringing her dog.  We walked on the Y path along the river.  It started out really nice and then as soon as we crossed under the bridge, we were in a mini blizzard.  The wind picked up, snow started falling, and we couldn't even see the Monument.  WOAH!  We turned around and as soon as we crossed back under the bridge, we were out of the "snow globe!"  It was crazy.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

300th Post

Today, we celebrate our 300th blog post to our Wild At Heart blog.

Heath and I had a nice relaxing morning and then we headed into Sunday school.  We did not go to church today because we wanted to get out to Stegall to say goodbye to Bill and his family.  We arrived just as they were finishing up a nice pancake, bacon, and egg breakfast.  We got to join in!  After breakfast, we had an hour or so to hang out.  Belle invited me to ride around in the Gator with her, so I did.  We had alot of fun chatting and driving around the farm.  Lexie drove the truck with Heath out in a field to get some practice.

We headed home and I got to play house, as I call it.  I like doing a FULL cleaning once a week and today was the day.  It felt really good to dust, dust mop, vacuum, do laundry, take out the trash, thoroughly clean the kitchen and bathrooms!  I will have to leave the mopping until tomorrow night....I ran out of time!

Before too long, I had a knock on my garage door and when I opened it, I saw a beautiful dead bird.  Much to my surprise, Heath had gotten a pheasant.  I did not even hear him shoot!  Needless to say, he made some awesome pheasant for our supper tonight.  My man putting supper on the table!  Wild to Table in minutes!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Goose and Duck Hunting

My husband hiding in the weeds.

"Duck!" (No pun intended!!)

I had a really quiet morning as I stayed in bed under our heated blanket to rest, relax, and blog.  I think I totally freaked out our dogs because I seldom do this.  They were quite concerned for me.  LOL!  Heath spoiled me even though the weekends are my turn to cook.  He made me a smoothie for breakfast and a salad for lunch, yes, still in bed at that time!  HAHA!

About 1:30 pm, our friend Danny brought all of his goose decoys out to the house.  Bill was there too.  He comes up from Colorado alot during the waterfowl season.  Heath's brother Bill also came out to join us.  We had alot of fun hiding in the weeds watching, listening, and well shooting.  60 degrees = beautiful day!  As the darkness was setting in, there was a chill in the air.   We were in the middle of picking up the decoys when Heath saw a low duck (finally!).  He told his brother to shoot, but he wasn't quite quick enough.  Heath pulled up, shot, and down the duck went.  A beautiful mallard.  Good job Honey.  We did not get skunked!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Early Thanksgiving Celebration

Wild Turkey

Billy got the turkey and Heath worked really hard to prepare it for our beautiful feast as a family on our early celebration of Thanksgiving tonight!

Barb set these pretty tables.

Beautiful table settings!

Bright and Beautiful Flowers from Cassie.


Thursday, November 20, 2014


This morning I was blessed with an awesome swim!  All ready for tonight....I have the table all set and stuff laid our for supper.  Bill, Alicia, and the kids are coming for dinner as well as my new found friend and swim coach Stella and her aunt.  It turned out to be a great evening.  Thank you Honey for preparing such a wonderful meal!

Gather Around

The more the merrier!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Miss Penney

Quick shot of Penney while I was filling her water tank.
In front of our newly renovated barn.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

~Family Day~

Heath and I met Gram, Pa, Bill, Alicia, and the kids at church.  After church, Heath and I braved Wal-mart for our weekly grocery shopping and the rest of the family went to have lunch.  After that, we met up with the rest of the family and got our deer checked in with the Game and Park people at the WTT.  Heath, Bill, and Pa took the deer up north of town to get processed.  We keep saying we are going to learn how to process ourselves as it cannot be that much different than beef, but we just don't have the time this year.  Maybe next year!

Belle drove home with me and we picked up the doggies and headed to Gram's house to hang out the rest of the day.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Opening Day Deer Season 2014

We got up early and headed to Stegall in two different vehicles.  Mine was all packed up with our Farmer's Market items and Heath's pickup had all of our hunting gear in it.  He picked up Bill on his way to meet me at his parent's house.  We grabbed his dad and headed down to the Creek where we set up in a small ravine. The snow was blowing and this little ravine helped block the wind a bit.  It was quite nice as we waited for the sun to rise.  We waited for about an hour and didn't see anything so we headed back to the pickup to move.

We went to pick up the kids so they could be a part of our hunting experience.  Out into the fields we went again.  Heath spotted a doe and out I went.  It was just like we had practiced and I actually pulled the trigger this year.  I am very thankful for a very good shot and no wounding.  Shortly after my 9 am kill, Bill and Heath got out and started stalking a herd while I stayed in the pickup with the kids.

My first DEER!

We heard a shot.  It was Bill who shot his deer, all of the sudden, the kids and I counted 15 deer in a herd who start running.  There were more than that we didn't even count.  It was awesome!  By this point it was snowing alot!  Visibility was not good.

Bill's first DEER!

Now, it was Heath's turn to get a deer.  Last year, he could have had several shots, but he would not shoot until the boys and I filled our tags first.  Needless to say, since I did not pull the trigger on the three really good, close shot he got for me, he did not get to get a deer last year.  Make me proud honey!  His integrity is phenomenal because last year we saw a monster buck on some absentee landowner's property.  He could have easily shot and no one would have ever known, but he chose to use this as an example for his boys, showing integrity.  He was rewarded this year with a very nice buck!

My Baby's big Buck!  He has waited so patiently for him!

All three within an hour.

After Heath got his, he had Bill take me back to the house to get changed for Market at TLC.  I quickly changed and headed into town for a switch of gears.  Selling our Wild At Heart products!  Luckily, I had alot of help from the kids and Barb getting set up.  I was sad that I couldn't help with my favorite part, gutting, but we had already committed to the Market.  It was a good one, glad we went and shortly after, Heath, Bill, and Pa came.

Aulick's Farmer's Market at our Booth

Pa and Belle

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Bill and Alicia and Kids Coming Tomorrow!

Heath's brother, Bill and his wife Alicia will be flying in tomorrow to visit for a week with their kids.  I am really looking forward to spending time with them.  They live in Texas, so it is so nice when we get a chance to get together.  The kid's are growing up so fast.  I am so blessed to be able to be a part of this family!

On a side note, here is one more product we will be offering at our craft show at Aulick's TLC on Saturday after opening day of deer season!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Bible Study Canceled

Here is a quick phone photo of the finished roof over the chicken coop, thanks to everyone's hard work.  Great timing!

The weather is so bitter and frigid today, Pastor Wayne canceled our Wednesday night Bible Study.  The whole church canceled their Wednesday night activities due to weather.  I had prepared some awesome monster cookies and a sugar-free yellow cake last night for tonight.  Looks like Heath and I will get to do some good eating this week!  I will take the left overs to work with me tomorrow!  We got to enjoy a nice quiet evening at home!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Monday, November 10, 2014

License, Please?

I just had to share this photo of our dogs riding into the cabin on the dirt road.  A couple of weekends ago, we left Dad's car at the end of the dirt road and all jumped into Garry's pickup to head down the last mile of dirt road to the cabin.  We were packed pretty tight in the cab and had all of our food, supplies, and clothing in the bed of the pickup, so the doggies road that short little stint in the Gator on the trailer.  Just had to share because it so looks like Briggsy is driving!  :)

Sunday, November 9, 2014


This morning, I got to go on a "long" run on the ditch bank with my doggies before church.  Wow!  Awesome is an understatement.  I ran a little over 2 miles which was an awesome feeling and longest run since surgery.  I have been working really hard to build up my muscles again and working back into the PT.

After church, Garry and Heath got to working on the barn roof south wing.  My dad had worked really hard on removing the old shingles and nails when he was here, then Heath did the final removal over the chicken coop yesterday so the chickens wouldn't freeze without a roof.  That is why they really wanted to get that part finished all today, especially the part over the chicken coop.  I think the birdies will be very happy to have that done.  It looks great!  While they were on on the roof, I saddled up Penney and took her for a little ride around the farm.  After that, I had a chance to prepare for the upcoming weather.  I put away our adirondack chairs and other outdoor furniture, picked the last of the garden, and got the hoses and flower pots put away.  It was a good feeling and great timing on everybody's part!

These are the last two radishes and a few carrots
I found!  WOAH!

The roof was done with only one minor injury that sent Pa's hand bleeding.  We got him all cleaned up and wrapped up and they finished the roof.  Looks great!  Perfect timing as it was right at dark.  We loaded up with the dogs and headed to Gram's for a nice steak supper.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

My Surprise Date

Heath and I had a talk today about trying to slow down and start enjoying life more.  We both worked around the farm all day today.  I worked on the house and Heath worked on the barn.  After our conversation, Heath asked me if I wanted to go to supper.  I said, "Like a date?"  "Yes!"  Awesome!  We set a time to be ready and then finished up our current projects.  When it was time, Heath grabbed his shower and then disappeared.  I thought he had gone into our room to change because the door was closed, so I went ahead and started getting ready.  When I was almost finished getting ready, I heard a knock on the door.  There was a man with flowers standing there.  Much to my surprise, we were having a 'real' date.  He had gone to town to get me flowers and then picked me up for our dinner date/evening.  It was really fun and a total surprise.  How fun!  It is so important to take time to enjoy each other and to stop and smell the flowers!

As we headed to town, I could even smell the cologne he had put on!  It was so awesome and such a relaxing evening.  We went to the Oriental House just right over there by Murdoch's.

Thank you Honey for treating me like a princess!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Tonight, I went to TLC for a massage by Pam.  We decided to do some old school trading.  She wanted some of our horseshoe art and greeting cards in exchange for a massage.  I have been trying to get Heath to go for a long time, but he would not take this massage.  I ended up going and it was to my awesome surprise that Miss Pam had gotten engaged!  It was so fun chatting about the whole thing, the proposal, the wedding plans, etc.  You know, girl stuff!  She is going to get married next July up at Esterbrook!  Can you believe it?  We were just up there this weekend as it is right next to Heath's cabin.  There is a beautiful little church that overlooks the mountains.  This is actually where I wanted to get married, but it was January and I was on crutches.  It tends to snow alot up there, so we wouldn't have had a very good chance of getting up there last year.

So happy for her!

Great massage by the way!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Totally Unexpected Bad Weather Day and Travels

WOAH to our surprise, we woke up to a messy, cold, dreary, icy day.  When we got home late last night and unpacked the car, it was a beautiful evening.  Not knowing about the bad weather, Dad had already made a plan with Garry to ride in his semi to deliver cattle feed today.  Garry loves having passengers and my dad loves traveling and seeing the country.  Heath was also traveling today as he was headed to Longmont for endocrinologist appointment.  I was only traveling to work in Scottsbluff.  Lots of prayers for a safe return home!

For some random reason, I cannont get this
photo turned the correct way.  You will have
to use your imagination.  :)  The sun finally came out!

God took care of everyone and brought them all home safely.  Thank you LORD!

Sunday, November 2, 2014


Dark and early Saturday morning, we got up and headed to Stegall to meet up with Heath's parents.  We switched everything over to Garry's pickup from ours and connected our new trailer from Dad to Garry's truck as well.  This allowed us to easily load up their Mule.  Heath does such a nice job packing and carrying it out to the car and making it all fit so perfectly.  He is amazing!

The dogs were super excited to be along for the ride.  Gram and I sat in the back seat with the dogs and let the men sit up front together.  Briggsy laid on Gram's lap while Mya kept our feet warm on the floor.  We talked about taking Puddin' but Heath thought he might get lost in the woods, so we left him to hold down the fort.

So excited as we approached Glendo because that is where we met up with my DADDY!  He rearranged his week to help his friend move and still get to go to the cabin with us.  It was awesome!  He actually left Colorado at 3:30 am and totally beat us to our meeting place just in enough time for a nap.  We took a quick pit stop there at Howard's General Store then I hopped in the car with Daddy and both dogs.  He had stopped at Johnson's Corner in Johnstown, Colorado for breakfast on his way up and brought us a "world famous" HUGE cinnamon roll.  Since Garry and I are the only ones that can eat cinnamon in the bunch, he was able to count himself lucky that I shared this wonderful treat!  :)

I had a really great conversation with Daddy on our way up into the mountains.  I feel so blessed that we live close and I also cherish our close relationship.  We talked about anything and everything from the dogs to the barn to Heath to my job and my workouts.  Speaking of which, I felt like I had a great workout week so I was ready to reward myself.  When we arrived at the cabin, I slipped off to take a quick nap after lunch.  Heath and Dad headed out to start cutting wood and Garry, Barb, and I met up with them about 'twenty' minutes or so later.  ;)

The government has gone through the forest surrounding the cabin to help clean up the dead and decaying stuff.  They put all the wood in nice piles for you to cut and use as firewood.  After a certain period of time, they will go through again and clean up the piles by burning them.  We got there just in time for this one.  We gathered about three truck bed's full of wood that we stacked up high next to the cabin door.  This should last for a while.

Later we went down to the Creek with the dogs and did some hiking and they did some swimming.

T.E.A.M. work!

Heath and Big Dog Down by the Creek

Daddy and Garry

Sunday morning Daddy and I decided to take a hike with the dogs as Heath and Garry sighted in their rifles and Barb played house in the cabin.  We got to talkin' and hikin' and WOAH we before we knew it, we were lost.  As we headed back to where we thought was 'home' that feeling of panic set in.  I had only my camera and he had a gun.  Later he told me he was beginning to start thinking about a place where we could get some shelter to spend the night.  At some point in the whole experience, we were both scared.  We prayed out to God asking for guidance and to get us home safely.  Sure enough, shortly after our surrender prayer, we made it over to the next clearing so we could see where were needed to be.  Turns out we were alot closer to the cabin than we thought.

Beautiful moon to wrap up a wonderful weekend.