Love Is....

Love Is....

Sunday, November 2, 2014


Dark and early Saturday morning, we got up and headed to Stegall to meet up with Heath's parents.  We switched everything over to Garry's pickup from ours and connected our new trailer from Dad to Garry's truck as well.  This allowed us to easily load up their Mule.  Heath does such a nice job packing and carrying it out to the car and making it all fit so perfectly.  He is amazing!

The dogs were super excited to be along for the ride.  Gram and I sat in the back seat with the dogs and let the men sit up front together.  Briggsy laid on Gram's lap while Mya kept our feet warm on the floor.  We talked about taking Puddin' but Heath thought he might get lost in the woods, so we left him to hold down the fort.

So excited as we approached Glendo because that is where we met up with my DADDY!  He rearranged his week to help his friend move and still get to go to the cabin with us.  It was awesome!  He actually left Colorado at 3:30 am and totally beat us to our meeting place just in enough time for a nap.  We took a quick pit stop there at Howard's General Store then I hopped in the car with Daddy and both dogs.  He had stopped at Johnson's Corner in Johnstown, Colorado for breakfast on his way up and brought us a "world famous" HUGE cinnamon roll.  Since Garry and I are the only ones that can eat cinnamon in the bunch, he was able to count himself lucky that I shared this wonderful treat!  :)

I had a really great conversation with Daddy on our way up into the mountains.  I feel so blessed that we live close and I also cherish our close relationship.  We talked about anything and everything from the dogs to the barn to Heath to my job and my workouts.  Speaking of which, I felt like I had a great workout week so I was ready to reward myself.  When we arrived at the cabin, I slipped off to take a quick nap after lunch.  Heath and Dad headed out to start cutting wood and Garry, Barb, and I met up with them about 'twenty' minutes or so later.  ;)

The government has gone through the forest surrounding the cabin to help clean up the dead and decaying stuff.  They put all the wood in nice piles for you to cut and use as firewood.  After a certain period of time, they will go through again and clean up the piles by burning them.  We got there just in time for this one.  We gathered about three truck bed's full of wood that we stacked up high next to the cabin door.  This should last for a while.

Later we went down to the Creek with the dogs and did some hiking and they did some swimming.

T.E.A.M. work!

Heath and Big Dog Down by the Creek

Daddy and Garry

Sunday morning Daddy and I decided to take a hike with the dogs as Heath and Garry sighted in their rifles and Barb played house in the cabin.  We got to talkin' and hikin' and WOAH we before we knew it, we were lost.  As we headed back to where we thought was 'home' that feeling of panic set in.  I had only my camera and he had a gun.  Later he told me he was beginning to start thinking about a place where we could get some shelter to spend the night.  At some point in the whole experience, we were both scared.  We prayed out to God asking for guidance and to get us home safely.  Sure enough, shortly after our surrender prayer, we made it over to the next clearing so we could see where were needed to be.  Turns out we were alot closer to the cabin than we thought.

Beautiful moon to wrap up a wonderful weekend.

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