Love Is....

Love Is....

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Tonight, I went to TLC for a massage by Pam.  We decided to do some old school trading.  She wanted some of our horseshoe art and greeting cards in exchange for a massage.  I have been trying to get Heath to go for a long time, but he would not take this massage.  I ended up going and it was to my awesome surprise that Miss Pam had gotten engaged!  It was so fun chatting about the whole thing, the proposal, the wedding plans, etc.  You know, girl stuff!  She is going to get married next July up at Esterbrook!  Can you believe it?  We were just up there this weekend as it is right next to Heath's cabin.  There is a beautiful little church that overlooks the mountains.  This is actually where I wanted to get married, but it was January and I was on crutches.  It tends to snow alot up there, so we wouldn't have had a very good chance of getting up there last year.

So happy for her!

Great massage by the way!

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