Love Is....

Love Is....

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Packet Pickup Day

Heath made me breakfast in bed and then took me to Cabela's for the Saturday Only fresh, hot kettle corn!  He sure knows how to speak to my heart!  Food and quality time mean SOOO very much to me.

Stopped by the Tri Shop to pick up my packet for my first tri of the water, Olympic distance.

To my very pleasant surprise, this is the bag our sway came in!  YAY for agriculture!

At the packet pickup, the very nice lady helping get my race number gave me a very interesting bit of news.  Due to the high winds forecasted for tomorrow, they will be moving the swim course for the X-50 and Olympic distance in closer to shore for athlete safety.  Their concern is the choppy waters and possible white caps.  My swim portion is 1500 m, so instead of just one huge loop around the buoys, we would instead swim the Sprint distance course 3 times.  We would swim three smaller loops and each time we would circle back to the beach, get out of the water, and run to begin the next loop.  Never done a swim/run/swim/run/swim transition to bike before, but I have also never swam in open water white caps!  A new experience in store for tomorrow!


Gathering my things to compete tomorrow!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Good Friday!

Today was a blessing!  I got to snuggle my hubby.  We haven't had alot of time together.  We will sneak in any moments we have been given together!  Then, I got to be in HIS Word!  It is truly amazing when I put HIM first, then I receive the joy.

When I got up, I went to the kitchen to make me some homemade granola.  Since I couldn't decide which kind to make, I just made them both.  They both provide different flavors and are perfect for any time of day....breakfast, lunch, a cold cereal, mixed in with oats, on top of yogurt, on top of ice cream, plain as type of trail mix, top dressed on a salad, and the list goes on....give me some of your favorite granola uses and recipes if you have them!

Original Granola:  This recipe was given to me quite some time ago by a family at the ranch I worked on in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Mrs. Moon.  This is a veggie oil based granola with honey and brown sugar.

Sweet Potato Granola:  A friend of mine, Lisa, gave me this after a winter bike ride with Zwift.  It is a coconut oil based granola which adds a different flair to the granola.  I like the sweet potato in it because then I feel like I am getting my veggies at breakfast, snack, lunch, or whenever I eat the granola!

I'm not going to lie, each time I make these, they taste different.  I am not the best at following recipes to the tee....I just use what I have and if I don't have something, I either go without, or substitute.  Heath has questioned my substitutions at times, but usually everything turns out great!  (I might be a bit partial.)  The thought of going back to town after I am home, does not appeal to me at all...even though Walmart is only a couple miles away.  This probably stems from my country living days.

I was blessed with a 10 am start for work today which allowed me the extra time at home.

Honestly, I cannot think of a better way to start my day.  It is amazing how much better my day goes if I give it to Him first and then proceed.  That diligence, which is hard sometimes, totally pays off!