Love Is....

Love Is....

Friday, April 14, 2017

Good Friday!

Today was a blessing!  I got to snuggle my hubby.  We haven't had alot of time together.  We will sneak in any moments we have been given together!  Then, I got to be in HIS Word!  It is truly amazing when I put HIM first, then I receive the joy.

When I got up, I went to the kitchen to make me some homemade granola.  Since I couldn't decide which kind to make, I just made them both.  They both provide different flavors and are perfect for any time of day....breakfast, lunch, a cold cereal, mixed in with oats, on top of yogurt, on top of ice cream, plain as type of trail mix, top dressed on a salad, and the list goes on....give me some of your favorite granola uses and recipes if you have them!

Original Granola:  This recipe was given to me quite some time ago by a family at the ranch I worked on in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Mrs. Moon.  This is a veggie oil based granola with honey and brown sugar.

Sweet Potato Granola:  A friend of mine, Lisa, gave me this after a winter bike ride with Zwift.  It is a coconut oil based granola which adds a different flair to the granola.  I like the sweet potato in it because then I feel like I am getting my veggies at breakfast, snack, lunch, or whenever I eat the granola!

I'm not going to lie, each time I make these, they taste different.  I am not the best at following recipes to the tee....I just use what I have and if I don't have something, I either go without, or substitute.  Heath has questioned my substitutions at times, but usually everything turns out great!  (I might be a bit partial.)  The thought of going back to town after I am home, does not appeal to me at all...even though Walmart is only a couple miles away.  This probably stems from my country living days.

I was blessed with a 10 am start for work today which allowed me the extra time at home.

Honestly, I cannot think of a better way to start my day.  It is amazing how much better my day goes if I give it to Him first and then proceed.  That diligence, which is hard sometimes, totally pays off!

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