Love Is....

Love Is....

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Middle of the Week

I was not able to finish my workout last night, but good news is that I was able to finish my workout today, this morning!  I am in the library now getting ready to study for the evening.  We just got out of Gross Anatomy lab where we are diving into the thorax and learning all veins, arteries, nerves, etc....all the really important, hard to locate stuff.  Challenged daily by the rigorous schedule, I am constantly reminded by friends and family how blessed I am.  I can do all things who Him who strengthens me.  ~Philippians 4:13.

I am meeting with 2 professors regarding my last test, a learning specialist to learn how to study at this pace, and the financial aid office to make sure I am on the right track early!

We are getting rain again!  Yay!  Praise God!  It was actually a really fun ride to class this morning!  I just brought my clothes with me and changed at school which was perfect!

Feeling good and ready for the evening to begin!  Workout done, leftover lunch for supper, my computer,  my water bottle, and a sweatshirt!

Monday, September 24, 2012


Ok, well, I have 3 more tests down, 1 major breakdown done, and several more miles in since we last talked.  It's been an incredibly crazy week.  I ran 10 miles last Sunday and then had a really rough day on Monday.  I had 3 back-to-back lectures that were extremely challenging.  The 4th lecture of the morning was on financial health which pretty much threw me over my breaking point.  It was our 2nd lecture on finances and with my morning, I just got really upset.  It was a very bad day and those who know me, know that is not like me.  So, I went home at lunch and talked with my roommates and I talked to Heath.  I got back and finished my day off.  The next morning, my buddy Nick asked how I was doing and wow, did he get an answer I'm pretty sure he wasn't expecting.  Poor guy.  He was so supportive as were my roomies and Heath.  I made it a point to talk with several people, including our assistant dean and a practicing woman veterinarian.  I have since set up an appointment with the financial solution office on campus for this Friday at 1 pm.  This all helped alot.  Slowly progressing through the week, I continued running.  I had the wonderful opportunity to run with Melissa on Wednesday morning and open up to her about this as well.  It was a great run!  Very much so multitasking, which I have found is a necessity while in veterinary school.  I was running, talking with a friend, studying, and getting Briggsy out that beautiful fall morning!  Yay!

We got through 1 exam on Tuesday and 2 Friday and then got to go to a catfish fry at Nick's.  It was wonderful!  As exhausted as most of us were, we were still able to get together and talk outside while Bruce played the guitar.  I even got to dance under the stars!

I was able to gain focus all day on Saturday so I studied for our upcoming exam.  It was an absolutely wonderful, refreshing, relaxing Saturday!  I pretty much sat outside on our patio with my book and note cards and just booked it!

Yesterday, I had the wonderful privilege of going to church with Nick and Melissa.  It was absolutely wonderful.  To be surrounded by these two is so awesome, it is these guys that will get me to graduation.  Thank you for that!

Then, to continue an already amazing Sunday, I got to have lunch with Heath's brother's family.  This is a picture of Mr. Elijah, their youngest.  

After that, I was able to find a new cool place to run Briggs and we ran, alot.  I just heard from my running partner, Morgan, who did AWESOME this weekend in her September race!  Also, Katie and Corey ran their first marathon this weekend!  I am anxiously to hear how it went!  So proud!

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Friday Schedule

9 Test
11 Clinic
12:30 Call Hall ICE CREAM
1 Ag Health homework at the library
2 Cadavier-didn't happen, had to finish homework before review
3 Micro Review at school
5 Bike home and walk with Briggs
6:30 Clean house
8 Thinking about bed
10 BED

Saturday Schedule-trying to stick to it
7 Slept-In
8 Made breakfast
8:30 Nap
10 Melissa's to study Ag Health-worked on homework due next Saturday
Noon lunch at Melissa's
3 Bike home
4 Microanatomy catch up-Test in 2 weeks
5:30 Dog Park
6:45 5 mile run with Briggs
8 Shower/Supper/Briggs' bath
8:30 Micro
10 BED

Sunday-guessing it will go something like this
7:30 10 mile run with Briggs
9:30 Shower and get ready for church
10 Scholarship Opportunities
11Church with Melissa
1 Lunch, get organized
2 Nap
4 Bovine Reproduction-Test Tuesday
7 Watch Gross Anatomy Muscle videos for Test on Friday (lab and lecture-2 tests!
10 Try to be in BED

**Note to self.....when to get groceries?  LOL!!**  :)

Friday, September 14, 2012


About a month ago, I decided to try to get this photo printed. I tried for a long time to find a place that would print panoramas.  So, I finally came to the conclusion of "Go BIG or Go Home!  LOL!  Instead of printing a normal, regular sized one, I decided (with a little encouragement from a friend) to make it 1 foot by 6 feet!  When Heath received it rolled up on his doorstep, I think he was a little shocked at the size.  Before I knew it, he had it up on his office wall in Bridgeport.  I got the picture below in a text today while at school!  I am so happy that he likes it!  He actually had to build a backboard/support system for the back in order to stretch the canvas over it.  I'm super impressed and look forward to seeing it in real life!  :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

~Beautiful Morning~

And so it begins...finally time to put my triathlon training aside for a while and begin distance running again.  My next big race is a Half Marathon in Western Nebraska in October.  I just found out this morning that my best friend and her boyfriend will be running it with me!  AWESOME!

I hand an amazing run this morning.  I got a nice little shower as I started out then ran into the sunrise.  A b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. b.l.e.s.s.i.n.g!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Beginning a New Week

We are hitting the ground running this week with another Physio exam on Friday.  I got to do some Yoga last night to relax and also made my first pot of beans in honor of bean harvest!   I am really missing my small town of Western Nebraska right now as they are starting to receive beans already!

I am starting my half marathon training for my October race in Gering, Nebraska!  It is the first year of this race and I really look forward to it!  The timing is perfect because we do not have any exams on that Friday-a very rare occasion!  God is GREAT!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Olathe Women's Triathlon

This weekend I was in Olathe, Kansas for an all women's triathlon.  It was especially fun because Jessica, my college roommate, got to join me for a short but awesome girl's weekend.  We spent the night at a hotel on Friday night and I raced on Saturday.  She then came back to Manhattan with me to go dancing and eat frozen yogurt at this really cool place.  She was my photog, so we have some pictures of the weekend!

She hit the road early Sunday morning so that she could finish up some of her homework too!  On Saturday, when we returned, I mowed the yard, did laundry, and cleaned up the house so that hopefully I could focus on school on Sunday.

On Sunday morning, I went to wash my car then I picked up Melissa to go to church.  We actually walked in on the last song and then everyone got up to leave.  We were so confused until someone gently told us that there was another service!  LOL!  We were 30 minutes early!  I am getting better with being on time... :)  So, we went outside to play with Briggsy.  Of course, we were not disappointed.  We just feel so at home at this church.  The sermon was on Ruth, which was awesome!  I was not very familiar with the story and really enjoyed it.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Two Down.....MANY to GO!

YAY, one more test down and it brought some rain!  Happy days!  Just finished time at the clinic, last rabies shot, and a quiz for Ag Health....quick nap and hit the road to Olathe for Women's Tri tomorrow.  We got our book bags from Hill's dog food company yesterday and we get to pick up our greatly reduced Hill's dog food tomorrow at the bookstore!

No matter what the day brings, we always have this to come home too!  :)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Test Tomorrow

Hi All~

This week has gone by very quickly as it is only a 4 day week.  Studying for our first physiology exam tomorrow!  Lots of studying.  I got a good swim in this morning and last night (study break)!  I have the Olathe Women's Triathlon 2 hours from here on Saturday.  Jess Sheppard will be joining me then visiting with me in Manhattan!

Looking forward to catching up this weekend on homework.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


This was a weekend of comfort.....Saturday morning I got up and got my flat tire changed and threw a few things in a suitcase and  hit the road.  This is my one and only weekend until probably mid-October to be able to get away.  I drove through several small towns looking for a place to get the nail pulled out of my good tire as my spare is not full sized.  I finally found a wonderful man who's grandson was helping him on Saturday morning.  They were super sweet and had me out of there in no time at all!

I ended up making it to Western Nebraska before my favorite ice cream place closed!  I even got to surprise Heath!  A perfect weekend getting to see my church family and friends!  Great fellowship that was very much so needed as well as being surrounded by pure countryside!  BEAUTIFUL!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

SHAFT 2012

Soooo, the bones exam....for Gross Anatomy I, first year, first exam of all vet school....could have done better.  I'm not going to let it bother me, just learn from this exam on how to study for future tests.  We get tons of information and I am learning how to sort it out and learning what works best for me.  This is definitely not undergrad and there is a different theory to my madness as far as studying goes.  I did find that the vet school library, just up on the 4th floor of our building is awesome!  Just put my headphones in and away I go with no distractions!  They also have group study rooms with white boards and stuff.  I am still  yet to find a great coffee shop but that will be something to look forward to next week as our first Physiology exam is coming up!

I woke up on Friday morning not til 8 am!  When I got back from the lab last night at 12:30 am my roomie was still up so we spent another 2 hours studying together!  It was great!  So, I slept in and studied some more in the morning and then biked to my test with a pencil and a water bottle.  The exam was quick and then I changed into my scrub top and headed for the Teaching Hospital.  Good times there on the food animal side of the hospital with a couple of different cases going on and lots to see!  I met a few fourth years as well as couple of vets that were all great to talk with and taught me alot!  I ended up staying alot longer than I had anticipated because I was really enjoying the work.  By the time I biked home, I was exhausted!  I did some cleaning after I ate lunch and then took a short nap.  I woke up to a text from my ride to the SHAFT party saying he was going to be here in 40 minutes.....I was still in bed with no shower haha!  Time to get ready!  Turns out perfect timing and my roomie came with us too!

*Me, Pam, and Hanna*

The party was at an excellent venue, great food, fellowship, and best of all, DANCING!  We danced for at least 3 hours there and then went to Longhorn's and danced another 2-2.5 hours!  I LOVE DANCING!  Like I said before, they don't line dance here, but my buddies are great at 2-stepping!  Good time had by all!

I danced the first 3 hours in my red heels and then changed into my yellow dancing boots for the country dancing part of our evening!