Love Is....

Love Is....

Monday, September 10, 2012

Olathe Women's Triathlon

This weekend I was in Olathe, Kansas for an all women's triathlon.  It was especially fun because Jessica, my college roommate, got to join me for a short but awesome girl's weekend.  We spent the night at a hotel on Friday night and I raced on Saturday.  She then came back to Manhattan with me to go dancing and eat frozen yogurt at this really cool place.  She was my photog, so we have some pictures of the weekend!

She hit the road early Sunday morning so that she could finish up some of her homework too!  On Saturday, when we returned, I mowed the yard, did laundry, and cleaned up the house so that hopefully I could focus on school on Sunday.

On Sunday morning, I went to wash my car then I picked up Melissa to go to church.  We actually walked in on the last song and then everyone got up to leave.  We were so confused until someone gently told us that there was another service!  LOL!  We were 30 minutes early!  I am getting better with being on time... :)  So, we went outside to play with Briggsy.  Of course, we were not disappointed.  We just feel so at home at this church.  The sermon was on Ruth, which was awesome!  I was not very familiar with the story and really enjoyed it.

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