Love Is....

Love Is....

Monday, September 24, 2012


Ok, well, I have 3 more tests down, 1 major breakdown done, and several more miles in since we last talked.  It's been an incredibly crazy week.  I ran 10 miles last Sunday and then had a really rough day on Monday.  I had 3 back-to-back lectures that were extremely challenging.  The 4th lecture of the morning was on financial health which pretty much threw me over my breaking point.  It was our 2nd lecture on finances and with my morning, I just got really upset.  It was a very bad day and those who know me, know that is not like me.  So, I went home at lunch and talked with my roommates and I talked to Heath.  I got back and finished my day off.  The next morning, my buddy Nick asked how I was doing and wow, did he get an answer I'm pretty sure he wasn't expecting.  Poor guy.  He was so supportive as were my roomies and Heath.  I made it a point to talk with several people, including our assistant dean and a practicing woman veterinarian.  I have since set up an appointment with the financial solution office on campus for this Friday at 1 pm.  This all helped alot.  Slowly progressing through the week, I continued running.  I had the wonderful opportunity to run with Melissa on Wednesday morning and open up to her about this as well.  It was a great run!  Very much so multitasking, which I have found is a necessity while in veterinary school.  I was running, talking with a friend, studying, and getting Briggsy out that beautiful fall morning!  Yay!

We got through 1 exam on Tuesday and 2 Friday and then got to go to a catfish fry at Nick's.  It was wonderful!  As exhausted as most of us were, we were still able to get together and talk outside while Bruce played the guitar.  I even got to dance under the stars!

I was able to gain focus all day on Saturday so I studied for our upcoming exam.  It was an absolutely wonderful, refreshing, relaxing Saturday!  I pretty much sat outside on our patio with my book and note cards and just booked it!

Yesterday, I had the wonderful privilege of going to church with Nick and Melissa.  It was absolutely wonderful.  To be surrounded by these two is so awesome, it is these guys that will get me to graduation.  Thank you for that!

Then, to continue an already amazing Sunday, I got to have lunch with Heath's brother's family.  This is a picture of Mr. Elijah, their youngest.  

After that, I was able to find a new cool place to run Briggs and we ran, alot.  I just heard from my running partner, Morgan, who did AWESOME this weekend in her September race!  Also, Katie and Corey ran their first marathon this weekend!  I am anxiously to hear how it went!  So proud!

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