Love Is....

Love Is....

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Friday Schedule

9 Test
11 Clinic
12:30 Call Hall ICE CREAM
1 Ag Health homework at the library
2 Cadavier-didn't happen, had to finish homework before review
3 Micro Review at school
5 Bike home and walk with Briggs
6:30 Clean house
8 Thinking about bed
10 BED

Saturday Schedule-trying to stick to it
7 Slept-In
8 Made breakfast
8:30 Nap
10 Melissa's to study Ag Health-worked on homework due next Saturday
Noon lunch at Melissa's
3 Bike home
4 Microanatomy catch up-Test in 2 weeks
5:30 Dog Park
6:45 5 mile run with Briggs
8 Shower/Supper/Briggs' bath
8:30 Micro
10 BED

Sunday-guessing it will go something like this
7:30 10 mile run with Briggs
9:30 Shower and get ready for church
10 Scholarship Opportunities
11Church with Melissa
1 Lunch, get organized
2 Nap
4 Bovine Reproduction-Test Tuesday
7 Watch Gross Anatomy Muscle videos for Test on Friday (lab and lecture-2 tests!
10 Try to be in BED

**Note to self.....when to get groceries?  LOL!!**  :)

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