Love Is....

Love Is....

Saturday, February 25, 2017

NBA Basketball Game

NBA tickets?!  WHAT?!  Heath called me a while back and asked if I would rather go to a basketball game or a hockey game.  We had originally decided hockey, but upon further evaluation of our schedules, basketball ended up working better.  WOW, what a great choice!  Bill was given 4 tickets to go to this game.  I am honored that Bill invited us to share in this experience!  Thanks Bill!

It was a very privileged experience from the parking to the food to our seats.  We got to park right next to the stadium and basically were escorted onto the floor for our seats.  (Like, smell and see the sweat on the players close!  Right behind the media with the cameras sitting on the baseline.  Watch them dunk it and see the hoop rattle!)  Then, they, said to go help yourself to all the food at the "club."  WOAH!  When I'm talking food, I mean GOOD food, not just your typical stadium hotdog and popcorn (which is fun at a game).  This was a gourmet, hot, five course meal....and it was a buffet so you could go back as many times as you wanted (for FREE)!!

Me and the *Love* of my Life

My Niece *Belle*

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