Love Is....

Love Is....

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Awesome Saturday Morning!

This morning, I headed out to ride with Lisa and Lifetime Fitness bike group.  We met at Cooper to park and then rode our bikes to Lifetime.  It was a good group.  I even knew one of the ladies from Cooper Run Club!  This sport is such a blessing to me, I cannot even explain it.  It brings joy as we are riding in the sunrise, watching light come over God's creation.

After the awesome bike ride, Lisa and I went to Cooper Master's Swim Clinic.  Coach Cole, our swim coach, put it on for us to learn more about freestyle.  (This is the stroke of choice for triathlon as it is the most efficient over a long period of time.)  We met in the classroom for about 45 minutes and then transitioned down to the pool.  By that time, the sun had fully come out from behind the clouds and it was perfect for filming.  Coach wanted us each to have our swim filmed so that we could review it and learn by seeing what we are doing.  Since most of us swim in the mornings, the light does not allow for this.  Today, we each got to take home a video of our stroke.  His wife was so sweet to join us to help with the filming!  Thank you Mrs. Cole!

Ahhh, shower time!  Cooper has showers, towels for swimming, towels for showering, soap, lotion, hair dryers, dry sauna, steam room, whirlpool and the list goes on and on.  I am totally at home at this place as they even have a retail store that sells shoes and a cafe that serves healthy 'made-to-order' food.

When I got home, Heath was till working.  He is working on a demolition site, helping to clear it for new development.  So, I decided that I would do some housework, although not much since he had done that all earlier this week.  I then wanted to make some refills on my essential oil products.  I remade my peppermint/lavender sports hydration lotion (see recipe below), tea tree and lemon kitchen cleaner, peppermint vitamin C spray (for skin softening after the pool), and pure lavender in a roller bottle mixed with a little coconut oil.  This should last me a while!

I just added Oregano to my supply.  This is good for when you are sick.

Finished products!


Time to get beautiful for date night!  Heath and I had been talking about getting my ears pierced for quite a while now.  Today was the day.  He told me this morning to find a place to do it, so I researched.  I found a lady who specializes in piercings.  I sent her a message and told her that I was 31 years old and wanted to get my ears pierced.  She was super sweet and messaged me back and forth all morning, answering all of my questions.  When Heath called and said he was on his way, I knew that I couldn't back out now.  :)



Yay!  I did it!  Thanks Heath for your support!  I was nervous, especially since there were so many people in the waiting area....I had lots of time to think about it.  One of the other girls looked at me and asked, "Are you nervous?"  How could she tell?!  Maybe it was the pacing around or the tapping of my foot...LOL!  She was super sweet!

Time to eat!  Babe's is a really good chicken place down here and it was close, so that's where we went!  To be fair, this is where our idea came from for our grain bin gazebo!  With a 50 minute wait, you know it is good!  They had Allison Krauss and bluegrass/country playing in the background, the temperature was perfect, and our evening had begun!

Babe's = Family Style Dinning = Great Time with MY Babe!

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