Love Is....

Love Is....

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Wednesday - Run - Swim - Beads - Fellowship - Work

Feeling accomplished this morning after finishing an awesome run (with Cooper Fitness Runners) and swim (with my Cooper Master's Swim Team) by 6:51 am!  Done with workouts for the day!  This leaves me feeling good physically, mentally, and emotionally as after I got home, I had a lovely hot breakfast and a nice quite time with God!  Totally charged up and ready for my day!

After the awesome early morning, I went to spend a couple of hours with Mr. and Mrs. Gound to help prepare the individual earring packets for our craft night coming up.  It was really fun to see how Mr. and Mrs. Gound were so in tune with each other, each ever-so-kindly helping the other.  (Marriage is a beautiful thing when God is in the center!  Thank you for your inspiration Gound's!)

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