Love Is....

Love Is....

Monday, February 20, 2017

Beads, Beads, and More Beads

Swim practice, make breakfast in bed for Heath, take a short nap = CHECK!  Off to my Bible study with Mrs. Gound.  She is the nicest lady!  We have started reading The Holy Spirit by Billy Graham together.  This week, we might not have made it to our Bible study.  Coming up in a couple of weeks Mrs. Gound is going to be sharing her testimony along with a long time passion of hers....beading.  She is going to be showing a room full of women how to make earrings.  At this point there are over 70 women signed up so Heath had an idea.  He thought that I could learn how to make the earrings and then help her teach the class.  She thought this was a great idea!  Honored at the opportunity, we thought we would use today to practice making the earrings so I could in turn help the women at this Craft Night.  I am so glad that Heath came up with this idea!!

*Just LOOK at ALL those beads!  Those were ALL donated!  AMAZING!*

"OK," she said, "Pick some and let's get started!"  What?!  Do you know how many choices are laying before my eyes?!  I quickly learned that the design phase takes the longest as many decisions are made.  :)

These are the beads I decided to
begin the process with.

WOW!  SO.MUCH.FUN  I am very glad that Mrs. Gound decided to share her passion with those around her.  What a blessing this will be to many.  Memories made, gifts to give, earrings to wear and enjoy!  After many hours of design and assembling, you can see my final products below.  Mrs. Gound did such an awesome job of walking me through each step of the way.  She is a wonderful, patient, teacher in so many ways!  Thank you for your fellowship!  :)

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