Love Is....

Love Is....

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Morning Blessings

I woke up before my alarm this morning which was awesome because Heath could keep sleeping.  I LOVE MORNINGS!  My Daddy always told me that they are the best part of the day.  Now, as an adult, I appreciate that much more than when I was a kid.

Blessed to run with my friends from Cooper Run Group this morning before swim practice.  We ran 3 miles at an 8:35 minutes/mile pace.  After a great run in the dark, I switched gears and deck changed at the pool.  78* water temperature today made for a nice break from the chilly wind on the run.  Great group today in the pool, as always.  My friends/tri family have been incredibly amazing to me and my goals.  I am forever grateful for this sport that has truly changed my life.

After swim, I enjoyed a nice shower and relaxed a few minutes in the sauna before eating my second breakfast/snack and hitting up Maribel's restorative yoga class.  She has an hour long class where you basically just lay in poses in the dark.  It is totally an awesome mental break too!  In fact, I believe I  actually fell asleep today during the last pose!  At the end she gave us each a swipe of peppermint essential oil behind our ears to perk us up for the rest of our day.

Having 30 minutes to spare before PT, I went upstairs and worked on my computer at Tenley's Cafe.  Ms. Kathy made me a made-to-order all *fresh* burrito and homemade salsa!  It is so SOOO good.  Heath told me that when I work out hard that I have to get this because otherwise I am usually starving the rest of the day.  I need "real food" as he calls it.

A beautiful picture of my pool captured after the sun came up this morning.

Off to PT for my shoulder.  I found a therapist who came highly recommended.  His name is Mr. Aaron Pierson, check out his website:  He that works on solving the root problem instead of just putting a bandaid on it.  I really like this approach and look forward to seeing what he can do for my shoulder.

Back to the apartment for a brief lunch.  It was an awesome surprise to have Heath was home over lunch.  I got to see him before we both headed out to work.  That was a highlight in my day.

Another highlight of my day was getting off work late and coming home to a man in my kitchen!  Heath had bacon in the oven and french toast and eggs cooking up on the stove.  The whole house smelled awesome and he served it with proud smile.  I AM BLESSED!

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