Love Is....

Love Is....

Monday, November 3, 2014

Totally Unexpected Bad Weather Day and Travels

WOAH to our surprise, we woke up to a messy, cold, dreary, icy day.  When we got home late last night and unpacked the car, it was a beautiful evening.  Not knowing about the bad weather, Dad had already made a plan with Garry to ride in his semi to deliver cattle feed today.  Garry loves having passengers and my dad loves traveling and seeing the country.  Heath was also traveling today as he was headed to Longmont for endocrinologist appointment.  I was only traveling to work in Scottsbluff.  Lots of prayers for a safe return home!

For some random reason, I cannont get this
photo turned the correct way.  You will have
to use your imagination.  :)  The sun finally came out!

God took care of everyone and brought them all home safely.  Thank you LORD!

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