Love Is....

Love Is....

Friday, November 28, 2014


We have been really enjoying fresh bird each night this week....pheasant, goose, and duck.  Thank goodness Heath is so good at it because if it were up to me, we might starve!  Funny story about that.  I took this photo on my way up to the top of the hill to join him.  As soon as I got there, he wanted to take a walk down the hill to see if he could scare up any pheasants.  I took a seat on a small bare patch of dirt (with my gun).  I really wanted to see if this photo turned out so I was looking at my phone.  (I usually don't have it with me while hunting, but I wanted to capture some of our hunting moments.)  Well, as I was checking out the picture, a work email caught my eye.  Right as I started reading it, two beautiful pheasants literally almost hit me they were so close.  My only thought was, "Wow!  Those are some beautiful birds!!!!"

Heath slowly came walking back over the hill and politely asked why he didn't hear any shooting.  I told him I just was so enthralled in their beauty, I forgot I was holding my gun!  LOL!

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