Love Is....

Love Is....

Sunday, November 30, 2014


We got to go worship the Lord together today.  What a blessing that is so easy for me to take for granted.  Thank you for this time together in Your word!

After church, we got to start playing 'house' and decorating for Christmas!  Heath brought down all of the boxes and I started unpacking.  I found all kinds of awesome things I had forgotten about.  So fun to see what we each have and combining our stuff to make our 'First Christmas' together.  About halfway through the afternoon, Heath told me to get dressed (very cold outside) and we headed to town to get our first Christmas tree.

Beautiful Christmas Spode, just like
Debbie Huffman's

Table Setting

He is used to a fake tree and it is totally tradition for my family to get a real tree.  He didn't even give me a choice, we were getting a real tree.  YAY!  As the words 'Fraser Fir' danced around in my head, I quickly dismissed the idea of this type of tree knowing how expensive they are.  When we got to our destination, we were pleasantly surprised!  We got our tree for a third of the price of what we pay back home in Illinois.  Such a blessing!  I am so excited!  Right next to the Christmas trees, we found a HUGE 4' live wreath that we could put on our barn.  It was also afford-ably priced.  When Heath saw it, it was over, he had a plan for the wreath and he was not going to let anything or anyone stop him.

This is a Cowboy Wreath made by my Dad's friend, Pete.
It is made with old barbed wire and has a star in the middle.

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