Love Is....

Love Is....

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Opening Day Deer Season 2014

We got up early and headed to Stegall in two different vehicles.  Mine was all packed up with our Farmer's Market items and Heath's pickup had all of our hunting gear in it.  He picked up Bill on his way to meet me at his parent's house.  We grabbed his dad and headed down to the Creek where we set up in a small ravine. The snow was blowing and this little ravine helped block the wind a bit.  It was quite nice as we waited for the sun to rise.  We waited for about an hour and didn't see anything so we headed back to the pickup to move.

We went to pick up the kids so they could be a part of our hunting experience.  Out into the fields we went again.  Heath spotted a doe and out I went.  It was just like we had practiced and I actually pulled the trigger this year.  I am very thankful for a very good shot and no wounding.  Shortly after my 9 am kill, Bill and Heath got out and started stalking a herd while I stayed in the pickup with the kids.

My first DEER!

We heard a shot.  It was Bill who shot his deer, all of the sudden, the kids and I counted 15 deer in a herd who start running.  There were more than that we didn't even count.  It was awesome!  By this point it was snowing alot!  Visibility was not good.

Bill's first DEER!

Now, it was Heath's turn to get a deer.  Last year, he could have had several shots, but he would not shoot until the boys and I filled our tags first.  Needless to say, since I did not pull the trigger on the three really good, close shot he got for me, he did not get to get a deer last year.  Make me proud honey!  His integrity is phenomenal because last year we saw a monster buck on some absentee landowner's property.  He could have easily shot and no one would have ever known, but he chose to use this as an example for his boys, showing integrity.  He was rewarded this year with a very nice buck!

My Baby's big Buck!  He has waited so patiently for him!

All three within an hour.

After Heath got his, he had Bill take me back to the house to get changed for Market at TLC.  I quickly changed and headed into town for a switch of gears.  Selling our Wild At Heart products!  Luckily, I had alot of help from the kids and Barb getting set up.  I was sad that I couldn't help with my favorite part, gutting, but we had already committed to the Market.  It was a good one, glad we went and shortly after, Heath, Bill, and Pa came.

Aulick's Farmer's Market at our Booth

Pa and Belle

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