Love Is....

Love Is....

Sunday, November 9, 2014


This morning, I got to go on a "long" run on the ditch bank with my doggies before church.  Wow!  Awesome is an understatement.  I ran a little over 2 miles which was an awesome feeling and longest run since surgery.  I have been working really hard to build up my muscles again and working back into the PT.

After church, Garry and Heath got to working on the barn roof south wing.  My dad had worked really hard on removing the old shingles and nails when he was here, then Heath did the final removal over the chicken coop yesterday so the chickens wouldn't freeze without a roof.  That is why they really wanted to get that part finished all today, especially the part over the chicken coop.  I think the birdies will be very happy to have that done.  It looks great!  While they were on on the roof, I saddled up Penney and took her for a little ride around the farm.  After that, I had a chance to prepare for the upcoming weather.  I put away our adirondack chairs and other outdoor furniture, picked the last of the garden, and got the hoses and flower pots put away.  It was a good feeling and great timing on everybody's part!

These are the last two radishes and a few carrots
I found!  WOAH!

The roof was done with only one minor injury that sent Pa's hand bleeding.  We got him all cleaned up and wrapped up and they finished the roof.  Looks great!  Perfect timing as it was right at dark.  We loaded up with the dogs and headed to Gram's for a nice steak supper.

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