Love Is....

Love Is....

Friday, July 13, 2012


I took off for Manhattan after church on Sunday, June 8th.  I loaded up my boy Briggs and we headed East. It was quite a long trip, especially leaving at 2 pm in the middle of the summer and losing an hour once we got there.  We had a great trip and kept each other in good company for 9+ hours.  When we arrived, we were greeted with my friends Whitney and Joe who live close to Abilene, just outside of Manhattan.  They just got married and Joe is in the Army at Fort Riley.  They will be around for another year, so we will get to explore this new town together.

I had a great trip.  I found housing and went to the school to talk with the financial aid office.  Example of Day 2 in Manhattan:

10 am Financial Aid Office
Noon-Take Whit to class-working on getting P.A. degree
1 pm Look at housing opportunity in the country-18 miles away!
3 pm Pick Whit up from Junction City
5 pm Look at another apartment with 4th year students

Soooo, I ended up not feeling like any of the situations were right for housing, so I continued my search on the KSU Vet Med website.  Soon, I found my answer.  Within 24 hours, I toured the townhouse and Skyped with both my future roomies!  So excited to meet them!  One of they even has a boxer for Briggsy to play with.

Day 3:  Pedicure and relaxing in Whit's pool!  Quite the life!  :)

My return trip was much quicker and I gained an hour going home!  Yay!  I felt very successful on this trap and I am so glad that I chose to take this time off work to get all of my chores accomplished.

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