Love Is....

Love Is....

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First Day of Orientation

Today, my roomies and I got ready for our first day of orientation for Kansas State veterinary school.  We all got dressed up and headed out the door, feeling very professional.  Briggsy willingly posed in all these pictures because he is such a ham.  :)  We spent most of the morning at Frick Auditorium and then headed back to the house for lunch.  We let the dogs out, grabbed a bite to eat, and went back to the school to receive our school computers.  It is a tablet that you can actually write on with a special pen and it converts it to text.  Way cool!  After that was done, we ran home again and changed into our scrub tops for the college picnic on the lawn.

I suppose I should introduce my roomies.....Hanna is in the middle in the light blue and she is from Florida and Shannon is on the right and she is from Georgia.  We come from all over and represent alot of different things.  It was a great feeling to walk into orientation today already knowing these amazing women!

During the picnic we were able to go into the school and find our locker, study corral-in the anatomy lab, and our mailbox.  We had our picture taken for our ID badges today and we are allowed 24/7 access into the veterinary college.  We also took the veterinary oath today after we were all introduced in front of our classmates.  We all competed with 1300 applicants for the 112 spots that they filled.  What a true privilege.

We are paired with a second year "buddy" who will help us in our transition.  My buddy's name is Josh.  I haven't gotten to meet him yet, but I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived at my lab station that he had left several items for me including:  old notes, tests, Dawn dish soap, a red bucket, chocolate!, and trail mix.  I mean really, how AWESOME and thoughtful!  All of this was accompanied by 1 hand written letter and 2 pencil drawings.  How fun and totally unexpected!

After we went to the lab and found everything on our 3rd floor of Trotter, we headed down the the basement to check out the cafeteria.  We were asking the very nice janitor about the location and a professor came out and introduced himself.  Long story short, we had an awesome, AWESOME, inspirational conversation with him.  We are so blessed to have met him.

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