Love Is....

Love Is....

Friday, August 17, 2012

Day 3 Orientation

I was wide awake and ready to go at 5 am this morning only to find out it was still dark, so we postponed our ride until 6 am!  I did a 15 mile bike this morning with a classmate of mine from Cali who is a road biker.  Pam will be joining us on our Saturday morning adventure/smoothie rides!  Pam is with me in the picture above.  She is also from Cali!

Today, we had computer orientation, continued, this morning and then headed to the rabies clinic for our first of a series of 3.  It was super easy and I got new health insurance yesterday that paid for all but $250 of it!  It's some type of vet school insurance with great benefits!

In the time between sessions today, I took time to work in the lab on getting organized and getting all my things pulled together.  We start classes on Monday and there will be no looking back!  I am hitting the door running!

We had clinical orientation today in the Teaching Hospital!  I am so excited, they are so welcoming and ask for us to come visit/shadow ANY TIME!  That is where a lot of the learning will happen.

If you are interested, check this out!  It is a publication they put out for all to see what is going on at our vet school!

Got to go for today, Mama and Granny Lee just arrived and they are getting all checked into their hotel!  YAY!

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