Love Is....

Love Is....

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Lots going on here!  I sat through a Christian Veterinary Mission meeting over my lunch hour.  It was truly awesome!  What a great inspiration and thought to be able to serve through helping people with their animals.  I am pretty fired up about it!

I just got done with Mirco lab and looking into a microscope....stood outside and enjoyed the sunshine for a few while I talked with a friend.  Now, in the lab until the other half of the class is done so that we can all go over to Call Hall for their infamous ICE CREAM!  It's a great day for ice cream....Tuesdays are pretty long, but SOO awesome!

I have a student chapter meeting of a club that I would like to join called American Association of Bovine Practitioners.  It is open for anyone that is interested in cattle with our without experience....should meet some cool people in there with similar interests.

So, as you all know, I have been talking alot about the canine bones....  It is tradition that each year the 2nd years through a "Shaft" party for the 1st years after their first gross anatomy test...BONES.  This year it is titled, The Night of the Interossious Man.  We are supposed to dress up as spies, either Austin Powers style or James Bond Style.  I will be going Bond Style!

Briggs and Beau-the focus I'm looking for!

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