Love Is....

Love Is....

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Visits and Triathlon

Granny and Mama got here on Friday evening!  They said it was a very quick 6 hour trip from Granny's house!  That is so close!  They had a little trouble navigating Kansas City, but other than that they made it smooth!  Their initial experience in Manhattan was less than ideal as their hotel was really not up to par.  They had to move to another hotel in the city which served them much better!  It even had a jacuzzi in it!

After I got home from orientation Friday night, I fell asleep putting my sheets on my bed.  I was awakened by Briggs wondering what was wrong.  I called Ma and Granny and we went out to Olive Garden.  A little pasta 2 days before a race is good, they say.  I went back to their hotel and hung out for a while before retiring in bed!

I had a pleasant surprise this morning!  Mr. Senkel came to watch me race!  He drove through the night after Justin's football scrimmage!  How awesome and what a dedicated supporter of my races!  He drove all through the night and got here at 5:30 AM!!

Saturday we hung out with Granny and Mama and I introduced them to Heath.  Later, Heath and I went grocery shopping and he did chores for us at the house!  Then, I went shopping with Granny and Mama at GW's!  What great stuff I ended up with for $35.  Thank you Granny!

We all retired early as my race was this morning!  I had my roomies, Mama, and Heath all there to watch me, it was awesome!  I am so happy, I finally SWAM the whole darn thing and took about 20 minutes off my time by also increasing the biking and running paces!  Lots of practice and about 8,000 feet lower than Steamboat!  It was so special having my whole support crew there and our doggies!  I received 3rd place in my age group:  25-29!  Keep training and keep racing!

I'm going to share some awesome pictures that Ma and Heath took!  Enjoy and thank you everyone, again, for your continued support!

Ok, need to get to bed, my first day of VET SCHOOL is tomorrow morning at 8 am!  WHAT A DREAM!!  :)

Oh, and after the tri, we had some serious YOGURT!

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