Love Is....

Love Is....

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 2 Orientation

Today, we had chats with the Iams food reps and also Hill's.  Hill's (Science Diet) actually has a feeding program for vet student's dogs and cats!  I will be allowed to buy 40 pounds/month of dog food for Briggs at a highly discounted rate!  YAY!  I will be working on switching him over to it slowly as to not mess up his system.

We also learned about available scholarships today!  How exciting that we fill out one form and they college does the research for us.  I have been inspired to work hard and never give up.

Ice Breakers....I sat on a married man's lap!  Funny story actually.  We were asked to get close and stand in a big circle with all of our shoulders touching....all 112 of us.  Then we were asked to turn to the left and take a few steps in.  THEN....we were asked to sit down.  Right before the last request, the man behind me said, "I would like to introduce myself before this happens."  I was rolling on the floor laughing!  He said he was a safe "one" (man) because he was married, therefore, I sat on a married man's lap.  Now you tell me I won't remember him!  His name is Lee, spelled the same way as mine!

Things are going great!  I feel really good about everything.  Honestly the hardest part of this so far is actually getting ready in the mornings.  Is not only professional, but respectful to dress nicely each day.  I am not used to getting myself together in the mornings but I look forward to the challenge that each and every day my bring.

I took B for a run tonight before I headed back to the school at 8 pm to look through what the college has to offer in the way of student clubs.  So inspired!!!!!!!!

Check out our Class' Facebook account:  I am on the front picture in my purple scrubs!  (My NE friends, please do not be mad!  :)

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