Love Is....

Love Is....

Monday, April 29, 2013

Mini Melt Down

Well, I haven't written on my blog in a very long time as some of you continually remind me.  :)  Thank you for that.  This is something that I love doing because not only do I get to share some of my photography, but a part of my life with you all.  I will begin backdating some of my blogs to get you caught up with all that has happened since I last wrote...WOW quite a while.  It's been just about 2 months!  NO WAY!  Where oh where does the time go?!

The last couple weeks I have had a really bad cold that I have been recovering from.  This is my first week back to working out for just about 2 weeks!  Praises!  Since I do not have solidified results from my MRI from almost 3 weeks ago, I am also trying to take it easy on my hip as to not injure it for life.

Well today after a pretty pathetic workout (I should just be thankful I was back at the gym today!), I had a mini melt down.  When I got into the pickup Heath asked how my workout went and I just started crying.  Well, my workout was poor, I am struggling with body image, I had my third bloody nose in two days while I was taking a shower, and then blah blah, poor me.  Heath being the wonderful man he is, supported me through it for about 2 seconds and then told me to name all my blessings.  He was totally right, I needed to snap out of it and get over myself.  There are people in much more pain on a daily basis and cannot do anything about it and there are people who don't have friends and family to support them, there are people without food on their tables.  Humbling.

Guess what, life is good!

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.  ~Psalm 46:1

I got to have lunch with Kristin Schiff today!  We try to get together on Monday's for a quick lunch as she passes through town.  We got to catch up and she inspired me!  Always good to have girl time!

After work, I was going to head over to Ashley's in Huntley to help her with wedding stuff and have another girls night, but nature called!  Garry had called me earlier in the day to tell me about his mama that was beating up her baby.  She was awful!  Anyway he wanted me to come sweet talk her into being nice to her sweet little baby.  It's funny how nature can cause that.  She is not a heifer therefore should know what her calf will do but she must have forgotten since last year.  Anyway, Garry had tied her up so that her baby could suck in the morning and then left for town.  When Heath and I got there this evening, we found Mama way up out of the corrals and out of their pasture.  By the time we got the four wheeler running and back out there, she was long gone.  We had to circle the creek to see if we could find her...boy was she fast....trying to get out of her motherly duties.  Well, long story short, she was quite a rascal!  I was riding on the four wheeler with Heath and he politely asked me to get off so that he could be crazy on that thing  trying to get her out of the trees.  The last thing we needed was for me to fall off the back....LOL!    We got her going good and headin' back towards the corrals only to have her back in the electric fence  and then she ran through it ....TWICE!  The boys got her back on track while I walked the fence line finding insulators that had been scattered and putting fence back up.  Thank goodness it was down somewhere else so it wasn't hot at the time!  :)

When we finally got her tucked in, back with her calf, we had to go back out and tag a baby that had been born today.  By this time, Ashley had texted to see if I was still coming and we just decided it would be better to reschedule.  It is so nice to have friends that understand   livestock and the time they take sometimes.

I enjoyed a nice dinner with Barb, Garry, and Heath to finish up my day.


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