Love Is....

Love Is....

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Day in the Life

Today, I decided to take it easy and work on physical therapy in the pool today.  First, I got into the really hot therapy pool to get all stretched out and then I went to the big pool.  They have these cool foam “water weights” that add resistance to your workout and it really works.  Later, as I was aqua jogging in the big pool, Heath was swimming laps.  I am working with him to help him with his stroke as he is learning how to swim competitively.  Go Heath!  Learning how to swim is no easy task.  I started swimming a year ago January and I can remember wondering how I was ever going to swim a ½ mile in open waters.  I just had to keep forcing myself to get into the pool and practice.  The biggest thing for me was to keep struggling through it and not give up.  Most things that I put my mind to, I have been able to do, but this whole swimming thing was a humbling experience.

At work, we sat through another insurance seminar which was, again, excellent!  The topic today was ‘OSHA Inspection Training.’  We had seven guys from Stateline attend the conference.  Since, I am on a first name basis with our insurance rep (I guess this is what happens when you talk every day because something new always arises), we got a lot of our questions answered by the guest speakers.

I got to see the tail end of Andrew’s track meet tonight as I arrived in Mitchell a little later than I expected.  I saw him in his last race of 5, the 4x200 meter relay.  Tonight, he told me that his three favorite things are:   1. His mom and his dad 2. Track 3. Basketball.  Supper with the boys and off to my Home Sweet Home in God’s country!  J

Right before I left Mitchell, I got a text from a very good friend of mine from vet school, Mr. Nick Henning.  I called him on my drive home and we got to get caught up.  It was so great to be able to do that.  They are entering a very intense time of the year as spring break just ended and they are getting back into the groove of things as the semester is rapidly coming to a close.  I am so proud of my whole class for sticking with it day in and day out.  Don’t ever give up!  Call me anytime you need support!!

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