Love Is....

Love Is....

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Today, was great.  I was able to sleep in a little bit!  I was just relaxing when Heath stopped by around 9 or so.  We were just sitting there when we saw a great big semi slow waaaay down on Stegall Road.  Our first thought was that the dogs were out in the road, but with a second look, we found something waaaay different.  The neighbor horses were frantically running their fence line and there was another horse on this side of the fence, running along side of them.  Yep, sure enough, I recognized that back white sock the moment I saw it.  Miss Penney!  Crazy girl!  I threw on some clothes and hollered at Heath to grab her halter (which I had run right out the door without it).  He got in the pickup while I was grabbing her bridle, just in case.  I hopped into the truck and he dropped me off on one side of her as he gently rolled up a bit further to cut off that option.  She was pretty panicked until we could ease her off the edge of the shared fence line with our neighbor horses.  Once she reached the end, and they turned the other way, thankfully I was able to walk right up to her.  Good girl!  I walked  her most of the way home and then hopped on her bareback and rode her up the drive, saddled her, checked her for wounds, and then tied her up while I checked my corrals.

She had broken out a board on a gate in the corrals.  She had a few minor scratches and I doctored them as soon as I found them.  Heath said that he could fix the corral for me, he just needed to get a few screws from his dad.  He called over and they invited us for lunch!  It was a happily accepted offer!  Heath drove over with Mya and I rode Penney over.  She did great!  Pretty much a dream of mine....having someone help me fix my fence, riding her across the rolling prairie for lunch, and then enjoying the company of good friends!~ 

We got my seeds started in an small indoor garden!

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