Love Is....

Love Is....

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

* Live * LOVE * Laugh *

Well, life as I know it is crazy at the moment.  I just do not have any idea where the time has gone!  It is almost October already.  Football and cross country season!  The air is sooo fresh!  It feels wonderful to wake up with the windows open so crisp!  Justin had his sophomore Homecoming football game at home, in Mitchell, last Friday night.  He got to play on varsity!  Some of my favorite pictures of him in his uniform!

Andrew had a cross country meet on Saturday that we got to watch.  Heath has it worked out so that we split up our crew so that we each work one weekend day and get to rest on the other one.  This past weekend, Heath and I traded JoAnn and Danny for Saturday so that we could watch Mr. Andrew run cross country in Alliance on Saturday.  I have a few pictures that I would like to share.

As most of you that know me, know that I do not know a thing about football.  It was a social event for me in high school.  So, now being a proud cheerer of the Mitchell team, I need to get learning!  I am more knowledgeable in running, so I look forward to being able to help coach and motivate Andrew.  Both of the boys have a good build for the sports they are doing.


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