Love Is....

Love Is....

Thursday, September 26, 2013


I just consumed 3 pieces of homemade french toast, 3 eggs, 4 pieces of bacon, and a huge glass of milk!  I was super hungry this morning!  Ok, I started writing this blog at some point a couple weeks ago, but WOW does CrossFit make me hungry.  This is one of the best things that I can be doing right now in my transition.  I have heard and read alot about CrossFit in the past couple of years.  Always fascinated by it, but too busy training for my halfs, tris, swimming, biking, running to add another thing to my workout schedule.   Tomorrow I will be finishing up my fourth week with CrossFit.

I have been in a slump with my workouts trying to find something that I enjoy that doesn't hurt my  hip as I patiently, or not so patiently, for several doctor's second opinions.  Well, I saw on Facebook that someone had mentioned that Scottsbluff had a CrossFit gym.  WHaT!?  Are you kidding me?  I wasted no time in finding their website and called immediately.  Surprised, someone picked up on the other end.  Awesome!  I saw their hours and didn't expect to get to talk to someone, but I did.  It was a sign.  We had a nice conversation and she told me to just show up and watch for the first day and then participate the next day.

5 am Monday morning, I was there!  'Watching' didn't work very well for me as most of you who know me probably guessed.  As soon as George asked me to go ahead and try it, I was there.  I did a few things with them and then finished up the workout (modified at the Y and then did some pool therapy)!  :)  I went to the early class three days that first week, 4 days the second week, 3 days last week, and the Lord willing, 3 days this week!  It is offered  Monday through Friday several times throughout the day to accomodate everyone's different lifestyles.  We are all so different, but all come together with one common goal.  To improve!

You can either get on the Facebook page and see the posted workout of the day (a.k.a. WOD) or you can wait and be surprised!  I have done it both ways.  I kind of like being surprised, but also like to look to see how I can modify it for my hip.  That is what is so great about these workouts, you can get cardio and lifting all in during one workout.  I can modify to still push super hard and be super sore without hurting or putting stress on my hip.  Anyway, we have a warmup and then our WOD.  Sometimes you have a series of exercises that are timed sometimes you have to do as many reps as you can in a certain time period, it's different all the time.  Always being pushed to do the best you can and I will tell you is your own fault if you don't get in a good workout.

I love it!  I am done with my workout before the sun gets up, then I get to go to my house to shower, and eat my second breakfast.  No more packing a bag everynight!  It's awesome!  Then, of course, I get to watch the sun rise.  Briggys went with me this morning and slept in the car while he waited patiently for me to finish my WOD.  True supporter!

Check out the website:  We are located off the side of a gas station, nothing fancy, alot of body weight stuff, but I tell you what, there are WODs that make me sore for DaYS!  Muscle confusion and healthy eating, lots of water/hydration and sleep and taking care of yourself all one and the same!

Photo of the 6 pm class, I think.  From CrossFit's FB page.

Oh, and one other really cool thing about it is that we do workouts for fallen people in honor and memory of them.  What an awesome accomplishment!  You go girls!

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