Love Is....

Love Is....

Monday, October 28, 2013


"Today is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it."  ~Psalm 118:24

I about broke down in CrossFit this morning as I was not able to do the workout because I pushed to hard last week.  Even by taking the weekend off, my hip was still bothering me this morning.  So, I had Jeremy modify it for me.  I was able to do pull-ups with the small blue band instead of the thick purple or black bands.  This is a big improvement which is why I like CrossFit.  There are always ways to improve on my personal best and not compare to anyone else.  It’s a great feeling to be getting pushed and motivated on a daily basis in those early morning classes.  This is just want I needed during this stage in my life.  It is about the only thing that is keeping me sane at this point in time.

After our Monday Morning Meeting, I went to pick up a part for Bridgeport.  On my way out of the parking lot at work, Whitney called me.  What a great and welcomed moment!  I had been really wanting to catch up with her and had not made it a priority to do so.  I am so thankful that she decided to pick up the phone and call me today.  There is nothing better than a great catchup session with a girlfriend!  She is someone who knows me through and through as we grew up together.  So wonderful. 

I am so very thankful for my family and friends and all the support they give me and have given me throughout the years.  It is incredible to such close friends.

Today, my steer got out so we had to round him up with the pickup.  We charged the fence tonight.  As Heath was tossing them some hay, he found a petrified snake in the hay.  Awesome.  My favorite.  When we got home, I noticed that my chickens were outside of their coup (but still within their fence).  Turns out the rainy drizzle had iced up and my girls couldn’t get up their ramp to get inside and get warm.  I had to lift each of them up into their house so they could get warm.  Oh the life of a country girl!  Never a dull moment!

Tonight, exhausted and beat, I took a hot bath (hot water heater is broken) and cooked some fresh eggs from the girls.  Then, I decided to paint a few more of my old outdoor faucet handles for my kitchen knobs.  After doing so, I was looking through my closet to find something to wear for Wednesday in CrossFit as they told us to dress up for class for Halloween.  While doing so, Briggs came in and laid down on my white carpet.  I kindly told him he was very dirty.  So, he quietly and politely got up and left the room.  I few minutes later I went upstairs to get ready for bed and he had taken it upon himself to go upstairs and lay in his bed.  By the time I had gotten up there, he had already started giving himself a much needed bath.  And some people don’t thing animals are smart.   He is awesome!

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