Love Is....

Love Is....

Saturday, June 13, 2015


Each year since we bought the place, we have created and been blessed with growing an edible garden on our island.  It's original size was as big as the kid's sandbox at the far south end of the current garden (toward that little garden shed).  Then, we took out the playset and burn barrel which opened it up alot last year toward the north.  Learning as we go, we decided that our corn would be out back this year since last year we had alot of our viney veggies, fruits, and pumpkins get all tangled up.

With a variety of flowers and seeds, I just had so much fun!  Heath would get home and I would ask nicely for him to create a new garden for me.  He would get out my Grandpa's amazing (old) tiller and create a new space for me to design.  It was seriously awesome, from meeting people who were thinning their gardens to pulling the weeds and the watering!  I met so many people who shared their precious gardens and lives with me...for that I am grateful!  With their generosity, I will someday be able to do the same as my flowers grow!

I pulled this photo out to show that I put little bird waterers around the farm so as our birds circle the house all day long, they have somewhere to drink!  A little baling twine will make just about anything work!  (And an awesome husband who put the hook on the inside so that I could hang them!)

Heath went and got several loads of mulch so that our new transplants would not dry out.  This helps keep the soil from blowing and the moisture in.  The top left photo is of our row crops in the backyard and then the top right photo is of our honeysuckle growing nicely up the gazebo leg.  We actually purchased four different kinds-one kind for each leg of the gazebo!  Heath also put some burning bushes around the back and some red Columbines (which are his favorite)!

I planted all my newly found friends' flowers along the South*SIDE* of the house.  Lots of warm sun and just needed a pop of color!  My gardens are arranged by how and when I was gifted certain flowers from very special people.  This creates our story that is entwined in our love for our home.

I give Heath all the credit for this really cool strawberry-rhubarb garden setup.  He used some old tires we found on the farm and created this tiered strawberry garden so that when they come back each year, we will not accidentally till over them.  Great idea to plant it next to the rhubarb all right outside our garage door for convenience.

Shower Garden~need I say more?  He created this beautiful rock drain out of the shower with prairie aspens, multi-colored butterfly bushes, stella de oro day lilies, and deep purple may night salvia.  A masterpiece if you will allow me to blush.  Humbled each day by my wonderful, talented, and loving man!

Time to sit down and relax by the fire and *enjoy* all the hard work we have done.  "Don't forget to stop and smell the roses!"

We hung Mason jars from one of our trees with little tea lights in them.  They turned out really cool and added a nice relaxing factor as the evening was setting in!

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