Love Is....

Love Is....

Monday, June 22, 2015

Good Day!

Good Day at Work

This picture is something really neat! As we are establishing our yard, we decided try to plant as many perennials as I possible since they come back each year. Perennials are super expensive, especially when planting so many at once. This has truly become like a women's ministry of several different women opening up their gardens to me. They have very established gardens and need to 'thin' them out.  Just word of mouth brought me to several ladies' homes from our church. Another way that we were able to plant so many varieties of beautiful flowers was through the connections made through the Facebook group called "Scottsbluff NE Area Flower and Plant Swapping Club." Great connections  made and wow, the conversations we had while digging up flowers.  Now, I have all these meaningful, beautiful, special gardens that carry with them a story....a story of life and how God puts us where he wants us to grow.  Someday, I will be able to return the favor and share my story!

Heath made this bench from the HUGE dead tree we pulled down from the backyard.  How cool to have a memory of that tree instead of just burning it.  We will now have a very heavy, homemade with love bench and table to set on our back patio.  How special!  Heath is so creative.  :)

Late night selfie out by our new bench!

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