Love Is....

Love Is....

Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Night with the Girls

This is my second to last Friday night in town here.  I am very pleased to say that we carried on our tradition.  We were comfortable!  It got kind of crazy as we invited Melissa over and then decided to go to the grocery store to buy lots of yummy calories.  Shannon was in the mood for cookie dough placed into very chocolaty brownies with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream on top.  It was a phenomenal idea.  I had a $20 gift card to Dillon's from my wonderful Mama who sent it during finals week!  What a great gift, food!

So, we loaded up all three dogs and all of us, in our sweats, and headed to Dillon's.  We did accomplish just about everything at Dillon's until we got back into the pickup and I realized that I had forgotten what I initially needed at the store to finish up my beef and bean stew.  LOL!  So we finished up at Aldi's.

We ate supper, baked, I painted my toes, we put in a movie that we didn't watch because we were all chatting and catching up on life as we currently know it.  It was so much fun and I will definitely miss these times with my roomies.

In case you were wondering, Shannon's desired dessert turned out awesome!  She is a great chef if I don't say so myself.  My stew was really good too.  I am trying to eat up what I have here in my freezer so I do not have to tote it back to Nebraska.  I just started putting stuff in the crock pot.  What an amazing invention!

  • Nebraska beef, hamburger to be exact
  • Nebraska Great Northern beans
  • Spices recommended by Shannon
  • Yellow garden squash that I froze last season-sauteed in olive oil with parmesan
  • Shredded zucchini that I also froze last season
  • Frozen corn (store bought)-I did finish it off so it is out of the freezer!  One less thing to take home!
  • Fresh spinach
  • Fresh garlic
  • Parmesan
  • Diced tomatoes (from a can, yuck)
  • Tomato juice (from a can)
  • Chicken broth (also from a can)
I served it with awesome cast iron skillet jalapeno corn bread that Shannon made and shared with us!

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