Love Is....

Love Is....

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Last night the house on the hill was quite a site to see.  The girls of 306 and myself were all home as well as my good buddy Nick.  Nick, Shannon, and I were all on the couch waiting for Miss Hanna to help us with the TV since neither of us are capable of making the DVD player work and it was time for a little Duck Commander.  So, when Hanna walked downstairs and saw us all sitting there, she simple took a look at that DVD player and said, "Well guys, typically it helps to plug it in, power is good!"  Wow, 4 veterinary students needed to watch a movie.  So, we began our hunting movie with the dogs resting beside us.  Beau, our boxer mix, is 99.9% love and needs attention 100% of the time.  Oh, and he loves men.  He was awkwardly belly crawling into Nick's lap, hoping that this would be acceptable.  Nick being the nice guy he is, helped him the rest of the way up onto the couch.  Now little Miss Maggie, our little 8 pound 13 year old terrier, has had an extremely hard week and is recovering from 2 major surgeries.  She is all curled up in her bed next to Shannon.  And, well, that leaves Briggs.  He of course is a little large for the couch with 3 people and 2 dogs already on it.  Turns out he had helped himself to 2 bowls of Beau's food today and 1 yesterday accounting for about 3 days worth of meals for this little "brunch" he decided to have.  I know exactly when it happened too.  I went out for a long bike ride and forgot to put the food up so it was like a free buffet for him.  I'm pretty sure he regretted it last night as he was lying miserably on the floor....LOL!

Shortly after we were all settled in watching Duck Commander, Hanna came down frantically looking for her keys to her car that she had just gotten out of a couple hours before.  She was trying to get to the gym after some searching resorted to her spare key until she got outside and almost in her car when she realized that she remembered where her normal key was hiding!

This is just one small example of all the things I will miss about Manhattan!  :)

P.S.  Don't judge!

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