Love Is....

Love Is....

Monday, March 16, 2015

Exciting Mail Today

I went out to get the mail today at work and came back inside with this copy of The Bean Bag, Spring Issue.  I am honored to say that our photo made the front cover!  I was working with the publisher, Barb, on some other stuff when one day, I finally asked her if she ever needs photos for her magazine.  She said that she would love to get a few photos from me to use as she needed.  She even noted in her email that she would like to get me some business, how sweet!  Little did I know that we would get a spot on the front cover!  She specifically picked this photo of a little bean pushing it's way out of the hard-packed, wind-blown Nebraska soil for the Spring issue because planting season is upon us already!

My husband's new guns just arrived today also!  I snuck this photo of him through our kitchen window as he was trying it out for the first time.  He is so proud of these guns!  I am very glad that he can enjoy these!  He will be able to put them to good use next year while hog hunting!  :)

Heath has been busy this week, working in the shop.  This is a beautiful barn wood frame that he made for Pastor Jake.  The wood is from an old barn they tore down in Colorado, given to us by my dad.  Inside the frame is a super special letter written to Pastor Jake from Japan, I believe.  It was written in beautiful calligraphy back in 1974, before either of us were even born!  The black fountain calligraphy pen attached to the frame is from Barb's grandparents.  How cool and what a beautiful conglomeration of talent and love.

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