Love Is....

Love Is....

Sunday, March 22, 2015


Heath headed out early this morning to go hunting again with Danny.  We were hoping that I would be able to join him this morning, but still feeling yucky and need to get some more rest.  I was in bed when Dad arrived midmorning.  As you can see from the photo above, my little buddy decided to lay with me while I read and blogged from bed.  My beautiful *bright* colored room really helped me be at peace.  Thank you Honey for making it so beautiful!

When Dad arrived, he quickly noticed that Miss Mya was missing.  I informed him that she was out hunting with Heath.  So, Dad played with Briggsy for a while and checked on the birdies and gave Penney a scratch.  He captured this beautiful photo of Petey roosting up on top of the chicken coop.

BIG *bright* BeAUtiFUL!
Photo by Steve Park

When Dad got back in, I was able to get out of bed for a few minutes as he helped me take off the sheets to get to the laundry.  He fixed my clothes line so that we could have fresh line-dried sheets and found other projects to work on until Heath arrived home and they worked together.  We had a relaxing day and Heath made us breakfast for dinner.  Yum!  :)

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