Love Is....

Love Is....

Friday, April 24, 2015

Handsome's Weekend in Denver!

We finally put a weekend on the calendar, to reserve it, and get away.  With all the wonderful rain that we have been getting, we have alot of mowing and outdoor chores to get done.  Now, I totally enjoy mowing, but at some point, everyone needs a little break.  Heath is really good about a work-life balance.

We took off for Denver after work.  I have been having some acid reflux lately and really not feeling the best, but didn't want to ruin this wonderful trip Heath had planned.  I have been working with my pharmacist to see if I can get any relief.  If not much better by tomorrow, I will call him again.

When we arrived at the hotel, Heath surprised me with a suite!  It had a HUGE hot tub and a separate bedroom with beautiful views.  How fun!  He ran a bath for me since I wasn't feeling the best, then we relaxed together and even watched a movie!  We never do that, so that was definitely a special treat!

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