Love Is....

Love Is....

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Making Crosses for Easter Sunday

For the past month, Heath and Garry have been working really hard on these beautiful, unique railroad-tie crosses for Easter Sunday.  They made two smaller ones and then a larger one to go in the middle.

This is the largest of the three!


2 peas in a pod!

The other night, Heath called me out to the barn and traced me on a piece of ply wood.  This would be Jesus' silhouette to be hanging on the cross on Easter until his resurrection.

Heath made a sign and we used Pastor's crown of thorns.

Tonight, after a great evening in the nursery for AWANA, we had Garry join us to help set up the crosses for Easter Sunday.  WOW, wonderfully and beautifully made with love, just a great reminder of what He did for us!

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