Love Is....

Love Is....

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Columbine Cabins ~ Steamboat, Springs

Imagine with me for a moment....getting off work, driving all evening, and getting in late (and in the dark)....THEN....waking up to this in the morning!!  Stunning, absolutely, STUNNING!


I did some yoga on the front porch of our little cabin.  So peaceful!

Speaking of which, here are some photos of the inside of our cabin.

There are some several different options for cabins.  I chose one with electricity and running water.  They have a very nice bath house just up the mountain from us.  See trail below.

Trails to the bathhouse!

After we got all settled in our little cabin, I rode my bike to Steamboat Lake, the place of the triathlon.  I used it as my "pre-race warm-up."  I wasn't very far at all and downhill.  Overcast and a bit chilly as I was speeding down the mountain.  Heath met me there to pick up my race packet.  It was fun once I got there because they were having a pre-race Q/A session and I got to feel the water temperature.  Definitely a wetsuit kind of race!  After I got my packet, Heath drove me back toward the cabin and we stopped at a little "off-the-beaten-path" restaurant.  It was soo much fun!  As the breeze blew in, so did some heavy clouds that looked like rain.

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