Love Is....

Love Is....

Friday, July 17, 2015

Happy Friday!!

Steamboat Springs ~ HERE we come!

I am so excited about celebrating Heath's birthday and racing in Steamboat Springs, Colorado this weekend!!!!  It is such a naturally beautiful place to share a romantic/adventurous getaway with the mountains and the wildflowers!  It is truly magical!  I loaded up the car early this morning with all of my gear so that when I got off work, I'd be ready to go.

A new subsurface drip irrigation filter station.

Meanwhile, back at the office, I was designated to create some color with flowers in the front of our building.  I was given the opportunity to create a statement.  We did a good job purchasing the flowers as they were in 4 and 6-packs.  By the time I got both my pots full, I soon realized I had purchased way too many flowers.  What better thing to do than to share them as they are the gift that will keep on giving all summer long.

Our company marketing director had just moved into his new home.  He has beautiful twin little girls who love flowers so I was blessed to be able to share with them a flower potting session!

As soon as this wonderful day at work was over, I headed home to meet up with Heath.  We had to squish the doggies into our Neon to take them to Grandma and Grandpa's house.  So blessed to have them close and I know their other Grandpa would have come from Colorado Springs to babysit if their other side wasn't available.  (Briggs got the backseat while Mya was in the front in between my legs!)

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