Love Is....

Love Is....

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


This past Sunday, our church celebrated the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Butcher!  They have been married for over 60 years!  We are blessed to have these type of relationships as models in this world today.  For this, we are thankful!

I got to take home some of the beautiful sunflowers in a big blue Mason jar.  I placed them on our kitchen table with my canvas of sunflowers in the background to remind us what true love is all about.  The canvas picture (in the background) of the sunflowers are actually by description of most farmers around here, weeds.  They grow in the ditches and in your gardens and most people look at them as a nuisance.  But, they are still God's creation and they are beautiful too.  God can take any of life's circumstances and make them for His good.

Relaxing in our *amazing* hammock watching the
clouds go by!

What's wrong with this picture?

As you can see, this photo is full of emotions!  Cat is knowingly running the house as he has claimed Mya's bed for his current grooming session.  Mya has kindly given him her bed and decided to share Briggs' bed with him.  Briggs is not into this sharing thing at all.  At 100# and tall, being squished between the couch and Mya, is not his idea of relaxing.  He is ready to get up and move.

Beautiful patriotic plastic bag holder Mrs. Linda
Mundell gave us for the 4th of July!  It looks great
in the laundry room and super useful!

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