Love Is....

Love Is....

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July Friends and Family!

We had a wonderful fourth of July celebration with our friends, furry friends, and family.  I did up Ms. Penney's hair for the festivities and she just loved the attention.  She is a beautiful horse.  It is amazing that God created a creature that we could control simply by the pressure on our legs and on their noses.  CraZY cool!

We worked hard to get the farm all mowed, trimmed, and decorated.  Heath built horseshoe pits, purchased tons of game balls, golf ball toss, set up a volleyball net, and Dad brought croquet.  We had quite an assortment of games for all ages!

It was fun to have people spread all around the house while each enjoying a different thing.  Some sat in our gazebo on the swing to talk, some in our hammock, some on folding chairs under a shade tree, while still others played games with their friends.  The dogs wondered around and enjoyed the company alot too!

Briggs and Mya each wore a bandana for their mama.  They were so sweet to be so flexible with their outfits today!

Right when Heath was firing up the grill to cook the hamburgers, a nice storm rolled in.  He had the hamburgers laying under foil on the grill.  First, the wind came from the south, then the north, so Pastor Wayne quickly shuffled his vehicle on the opposite side of the tree for protection.  Nope, just then the wind changed.  It came in incredibly fast from the other direction and all of the sudden it started hailing!  Those hail were big enough to leave dents in the foil that smashed into the burger (extra tenderization, I suppose)!  :)  The corral man gate came unhooked so Heath ran out in the hail to fix it before Ms. Penney went for a gallop around the countryside.  You can see the ground just littered with little white hail.  Wow, everyone gathered in the house, in the garage, anywhere under cover.  It was crazy!  We even had some water come in a sealed window it was coming down so hard.

No body seemed to be disrupted at all by this and when it passed, God gave us his reminder of the beautiful rainbow.  The peace after the storm.  We continued the rest of our evening with the yummy potluck, hamburgers, armadillo eggs, and fellowship with each other.  It was a lovely evening!

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