Love Is....

Love Is....

Sunday, June 29, 2014


Today was a lovely day as I got to go to my home church with Mama and then do some visiting and reconnecting!  We first visited my aunt and uncle.  They just got back from a Disney Cruise with 17 out of 20 people in their family.  It sounded like a wonderful event for all~grandkids, kids, and grandparents!  Mom and I also visited Mrs. Hintzman.  Mrs. Hintzman is a wonderful lady whom I used to mow for in the summers for many years.  At her beautiful country estate, we had the opportunity to make it stand out through our mowing service.  Her husband and best friend just passed away at almost 90 years of age.  It was very nice to get to see her and visit a bit.

Mrs. Hintzman

Next, I stopped at Robert's and enjoyed many hours of chat with Pam, Robbie, and the girls.  It was wonderful!  We sat out on their veranda in the shade surrounded by huge trees, beautiful flowers, and the serenity of their swimming pool.

My last stop was to visit with Katie and Debbie!  We had a very nice evening sitting on their porch overlooking lake Springfield.  I had one more stop planned, but I didn't make it!

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