Love Is....

Love Is....

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


This is the 'photo memory' puzzle that I had made for our 1st Anniversary.  (Good ole' can make just about anything you want!)  It is sitting on the table right outside of our bedroom.  Puzzles are a fun, non-thinking, non-physically active thing to do together.  It's fun!  I didn't realize how much fun they are until we sat down together and started one a while back.  It's a challenge but teaches us patience and allows us precious time together.  Give it a try sometime!  :)

The jars are another fun thing!  Mittie Mae and my Mama both gave me some awesome, fun ideas for these projects.  I took two plain glass, large Mason Jars and decorated them both to our style.  Heath's is red for the Huskers and mine is decorated with my favorite colors, yellow and blue.  The *bright-colored* paper in the bowl is for notes.  The idea is to place an example of a blessing your spouse is to you into their jar.  For example, I have put in several--including several duplicates because he is JUST that AWESOME--wonderful supper, laundry, patience with me, his love for me, etc.

Just some fun ideas that have helped spice up our marriage.

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