Love Is....

Love Is....

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Service Seminar and AWANA

What a day!  Phew!  Directly below, you can see the service seminar we put on at work.  It took some getting together, but it turned out really nice.  We had one of our guys cook pork and beans and we ended up having a great turnout.

Wednesday night, AWANA.  Tonight, we had 9 kids at one point in the nursery!  WOW!  We did it though!  Overall, it was alot of fun!  Most of the evening everyone was happy and getting along well.  Occasionally, someone would get upset, but Heath is super good at getting things back to happy again.  Good patience and compassion practice!

 At the end of this day, when we finally got home, Briggsy still wanted to play fetch.  We played with him for a while before crashing into bed.

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