Love Is....

Love Is....

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Random Adventure to Minnesota

Wednesday at AWANA

Heath:  "So Honey, do you want to go with us to get that tractor?"
Kinsey:  "Where?"
Heath:  "Minnesota."

So, on Wednesday, I totally thought that he was kidding until I got home on Friday night after work and his dad was already here waiting on us to leave.  I threw some clothes in a bag and curled up in the back seat of his dad's F-150 pulling the trailer.  We stopped in Bridgeport for some BBQ pulled pork, brisket, and beans.  YUMMY!  Full belly and exhausted from the week of work and training, I passed out until we arrived at our destination of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  At this point it is waaay past my bedtime, so we grab our bag and hauled into the hotel room to crash for a few hours before getting up to finish our journey into Pipestone, Minnesota.  With only an hour left to go tomorrow, to get our tractor, we decided to sleep in until 6 am (somewhere in there was a time change).


We ate the continental breakfast and headed out, both boys (Heath and his dad) are all rested up and ready to drive.  I fell asleep again!  I must have been exhausted as they had to wake me up to see the unique sights.  We came upon this awesome little wonder right before re arrived in Pipestone.  This farm probably had 30 old windmills on it of all shapes, sizes, heights, colors, and materials.  Great photo-opt!

Shortly after this stop, we arrived dat Titan Machinery.  Much to my surprise Titan Machinery is a Case dealer-red tractors.  Initially turned off because we were going to purchase a green tractor at a red store, I decided to give it a chance as we bundled up to walk into the store.  When we got inside, the salesman was on a phone and rudely shouted to the Parts guy to take us into the back and show us the tractor.  The Parts gentleman did as he was told.  He deposited us into the shop and left us to start looking over the tractor.

Garry and Heath began giving the tractor a thorough look-over and then the salesman arrived.  His first comments were that he couldn't believe we drove all of the way from Nebraska for this old thing.  I precisely went up, shook his hand, and introduced myself and then Heath and Garry.  He opened the shop door so Garry could take her for a spin.  The 18* F with humidity made it very cold.  Thank goodness for the sunshine!  We decided it would be a great fit for us and it is in good shape for how old it is.  With a little negotiation Heath got them talked down to a great price and they threw in a new battery!  Time to load her up!




Our New Tractor!

When we got all loaded up, we headed out to explore some of Garry's old stompin' ground on our way back home.

First stop, Mitchell, South Dakota, the home of the Corn Palace.  Pretty cool place.  Super cold out, so we didn't stay long.  I was able to snap a few photos before my fingers went numb.  I will share those in a collage.  These beautiful, ornate scenes are created from different types of corn, corn stalks, milo, and other corn-type fibers.  It really is an amazing feat!

Next stop, an old family cabin of Garry's down by the river.  Very quiet place to relax, rest, rejuvenate, and restore your soul.

More Teamwork!

Our last stop was the old home place where Garry grew up.  Some out-of-state hunters purchased the property and home and have created an absolutely beautiful habitat for the wildlife, especially the pheasants.  The place looks wonderful!  I wish I would have taken a few photos!

We arrived back home safe and sound at a decent hour tonight in time to unpack and relax.

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