Love Is....

Love Is....

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Tractor Museum

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to go up into the mines.  We could hardly see anything since it was snowing and foggy.  We drove up the winding road and checked-in at the station to continue up to the lookout.  Once we got up there, (you can see from the looks of that fence) we didn't have a clear view down into mine.  I have been up there before on a clear day where you watch the work the people are doing.  It is amazing how big that equipment is.  I look forward to going up again on a clear day so Heath can see it also.  I think he would really enjoy seeing that large equipment as a former large equipment operator.

Dad volunteers alot at the museum, so we got a behind-the-scenes, private tour.  The place looks really good.  They have tons of old implements in the basement and alot of old equipment up in the the shop.  Even while in the process of renovating and cleaning it up, it really looks nice!  You can see the hard work and dedication that is behind it.

Also, in the museum, they have an old-timer kitchen set up off to the side of the shop.  There is an old 'ice-box' and wood fire stove, decorated all cute and country.  Just my style!~

An old BEAUTIFUL Ford truck that has been restored!

I don't know if you can tell from the photo below, but they have even turned a part of this museum into a conference center.  This is the home of several local events.  One that comes to the top of my mind was one the museum hosted for artists.  What a cool place!  I am so glad Dad has this project and the nice people he has met while serving.  He is a wonderful man!

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