Love Is....

Love Is....

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Trip to Colorado

Saturday morning we both woke up kind of sore after our night out at the gym.  What great fellowship, thank you Frank!

We got all packed up last night for our trip to the mountains.  We packed for the dogs, for ourselves, and then we packed the car.  We got up plenty early so we would have most of the day on Saturday and on Sunday to hang out with Dad once we arrived.

Heath did a pre-trip walk around and even added a little air to the tires before we left 'dark and early' as the sun hadn't even gotten up yet.  We no more than got four miles down the country road before we ended up with a flat tire.  Wow, GOD!  I had just finished praying to God to watch over us on  our trip to see Daddy when this happened.  We both looked at each other and decided that God's plan is perfect and that He didn't want us to go any further in our trip at this point in the day.

As you can see from the pictures that I snapped, we were changin' the tire.  I have an awesome flood light you can plug into the car that my parents gave me in high school.  It worked great for me to hold so Heath could see to do his work.  In January, we had just replaced two tires on my vehicle and this was not one of them.  We couldn't see any obvious damage, so we are guessing it is a sidewall blowout.

After fixing the tire, bless Heath, we turned around and headed back home to switch vehicles.  Heath is such a patient man, never getting upset, riled up, or complaining.  He just asked me to go inside the house to check and make sure we had everything shut off--stove, lights, fireplace, etc.  We felt like this was a second chance from God.  Turns out that we hadn't left anything on.  By the time I was finished checking the house, Heath had everything switched over into our pickup...dogs, us, winter emergency we went again.

The rest of our trip was very nice.  We stopped at Qdoba for lunch in Cheyenne and stopped in Longmont for Heath's blood draw for his next Endocrinologist appointment.  We had a safe trip and made it to Dad's with plenty of daylight left.  We went for a drive to get acquainted with Dad's small town(s).  There are two towns close together that he enjoys and does volunteer work.

This was the first time that Heath and I had been together to see Dad in Colorado.  We were up there once before but Dad came up to our house to watch our animals, so he wasn't there to show us around.

We went for a wonderful supper at an Italian restaurant that he had been wanting to take us to.  It was fun to get dressed up and 'go out on the town.'  :)  Thank you Papa!

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